Jasmine Natalie Thomas (b. 1987) was the third daughter and child of Clarence and Olivia Thomas, the younger half-sister of Dean Thomas, the younger sister of Rose and Lily Thomas, the older sister of Oliver Thomas, and the half-aunt of Maranna and Maretta, and Allyson Thomas.

Physical appearanceEditar

Jasmine had dark hair and skin, lighter than those of her mother and half-brother. Her honey brown eyes are inherited from her mother.

Personality and traitsEditar

Jasmine was raised by her mother to be extremely unprejudiced. She is mixed race, and she has an easy-going attitude. She is welcoming and kind.


Arthur ThomasEditar

Olivia ThomasEditar

Dean Thomas Editar

Rose ThomasEditar

Lily ThomasEditar


  • Jasmine, sometimes in its original Persian spelling Yasmin, is a feminine given name. It refers to the flowering plant jasmine. The name has been popular in a number of countries in recent years.

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